When it comes to surgery, most people will opt for specialty surgeons trained to deal with a specific health issue. But did you know you could see a multi-specialty surgeon like Dr. Peter K. Hon? Although a surgeon specializing in a single health complication might be highly trained and knowledgeable, a multi-specialty surgeon deals with major concerns and understands how different body parts function. Thus, their services are designed to ensure you stay healthy and are likely to deal with corrective and cosmetic issues. You might receive these surgical procedures at a multi-specialty surgeon’s office.

Breast Surgery

Breast surgery corrects cosmetic issues or health conditions such as breast cancer. Your specialty doctor will diagnose breast cancer through cell biopsy, which indicates the presence of cancer-causing cells. They will recommend breast surgery to remove the lump of the cancer cells and chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells.

Additionally, the specialty surgeon might conduct cosmetic procedures such as reducing large breasts. Large breasts might cause back issues and reduce your self-esteem. Thus, you should opt for reduction surgery to alleviate back pains and improve your appearance.

Urgent Care Surgery

A specialty surgeon might offer urgent care and acute surgery to deal with trauma-related issues. Traumatic accidents might cause excessive bleeding and result in hard-to-heal wounds. Thus a specialty surgeon will treat the wounds, dress them effectively and seal off the wounds with deep stitches, which keep the muscles and ligaments in the right location.


Lipomas are fat cells in cysts or growths on parts such as the back of the neck or the hips. Although you may lose other fat cells effectively with dieting and exercising, getting rid of the lipomas might be challenging. Lipoma tissues do not respond to weight loss strategies such as exercise and dieting, and you would lose weight in the entire body except the Lima growths. Thus, a specialty surgeon will get rid of the lipomas through surgical procedures such as liposuction, effectively eliminating the fat pockets.


Cysts might be cancerous or non-cancerous and occur in almost any body part. Although non-cancerous cysts might not be dangerous, if they form in parts like the uterus, they would cause infertility. The fibroid cysts in the uterus might result in chronic pain during your periods and attach themselves to the uterus, making it difficult to get pregnant. Thus, you should visit a specialty surgeon to eliminate cysts and uterine fibroids.

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a medically-guided weight loss procedure ideal for obese individuals. The procedure limits food intake and reduces the absorption surface. Your specialty doctor will reduce the stomach size and eliminate the absorption area to limit calorie intake. This surgery results in long-term weight loss, but you should choose healthy foods and exercise to stay fit and healthy.

Most people will ask their primary doctor to point them to a specialty surgeon performing specific surgeries. However, it might be time you embrace a multi-specialty surgeon who deals with surgical procedures on different body parts. A specialty surgeon understands how different body parts function and will conduct the right procedures to improve your health and appearance. For instance, they may conduct cosmetic procedures such as liposuction to deal with lipomas and breast surgeries to improve your appearance and deal with health complications.

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