When you think about emergency departments, you may immediately picture dramatic gurney-rolling sequences from films and TV shows. Nevertheless, the reality is that these depictions gloss over many of the issues that actual ERs face daily. Although emergency services are there to save lives, people often visit them for unexplained symptoms or when no other doctors are open. If you are not sure when a Houston Medical ER visit can be necessary, the following are some of the most frequent reasons to go to emergency rooms.

1.Chest pains

If you are experiencing persistent chest discomfort, you should visit the emergency department to get checked out. Allow the emergency room staff to make the determination, as there are other causes of chest pain (such as indigestion). While experiencing chest discomfort, it is best to have someone else drive you to the emergency room. The consequences of worsening or passing out while driving are severe.


More people seek emergency care for headaches than you might think. Patients often visit emergency rooms (ERs) seeking relief from headache discomfort despite most headaches not needing immediate medical treatment. You may be referred to a neurologist for further testing in certain cases involving persistent migraines. Headaches are common, but emergency physicians warn that they may sometimes indicate more dangerous conditions, including meningitis, cerebral bleeding, or a brain tumor.

Patients may worry they have a more serious medical problem if they simultaneously experience nausea, vomiting, and a headache. Thankfully, emergency rooms have access to sophisticated imaging technology that can examine your brain to determine whether anything out of the ordinary exists.

3.Difficulty Breathing

There are a variety of causes for wheezing, some of which are quite serious. Difficulty breathing is a common side effect of severe asthma episodes and allergic responses. Extreme difficulty breathing might be fatal, with some allergic responses because of tongue swelling. A visit to the emergency room is warranted if you are suffering symptoms like these.


Burns need the expertise of a trained medical practitioner. The severity of a burn cannot always be gauged by the level of pain experienced. The true sign is the severity of the burn since this causes a complete loss of sensation due to nerve-ending destruction.

If the burn is larger than three inches in diameter, you should get medical attention right once. There is a risk of permanent tissue damage if the burn develops blisters and hurts when pressure is applied. Go to the nearest emergency room if you are worried.

5.Symptoms such as fainting, dizziness, and weakness

Fainting or a sudden sense of weakness may have several causes. Disorders including cardiac arrhythmia, hypoglycemia, and low blood pressure may reduce the amount of oxygen reaching the brain. Should someone who has passed out for no apparent reason, as after giving blood, be rushed to the hospital? Passing out should always necessitate immediate medical attention.

Once prohibitively costly, today’s emergency rooms provide care at a reasonable cost. Several emergency facilities are located conveniently close to you, and you can get high-quality treatment for your issues at these clinics. You can consult with the Houston Medical ER if you need emergency care. 

By otto