When maintaining the wellness of the foot, many individuals often forget to check their toes. One of the reasons behind poor toe maintenance is that most people do not understand the role of the toe in enhancing mobility. Consequently, improper maintenance, such as incorrect cutting of the toenails, ignites complications like Blackhorse Ranch ingrown toenail. With this condition, you will experience inflammation and pain at the corner of your toe, which usually limits your mobility. Therefore, it is good to embrace the following strategies that can help you reduce the likelihood of getting an ingrown toenail.

Wear Proper Shoes

Some people only consider the shoes’ fashions and attractiveness when purchasing the shoes. They forget to check the shoes’ comfort, thus compromising the toes’ health. The extremely tight shoes usually exert more pressure on the toe, making the nails grow incorrectly within the nail bed, causing the ingrown toenail. Therefore, when buying shoes, you should ensure that you choose the ones with greater room for your toes to remain healthy.

Watch Out for Your Pedicures

One of the best experiences that you can ever have is seeking cutting jobs from pedicure technicians. However, it is not a guarantee that the physician of your choice will cut your nails properly. For example, they can trim your nails too short, thus exposing your toe to ingrown toenails. Therefore, in addition to your comfort in the salon, you should ensure that you choose experienced technicians who will conduct the nail trimming competently.

Trace Your Family and Personal History

Certain genes in the family line can increase the chances of getting an ingrown toenail. For example, if one or both of your parents have had these conditions, you risk developing an ingrown toenail. Additionally, if you had ingrown toenails at some point in your life, you will likely get this condition some other time. Understanding your history and that of your family concerning this toe problem can help you seek the relevant treatment options.

Clean Your Nails

Many people do not understand the relationship between fungal toenails and ingrown toenails. Notably, when you have fungal infections in your toes, the fungi usually interfere with the nails’ shape, making them grow sideways. Therefore, keeping your nails clean can help prevent fungal infections, eventually reducing the chances of getting an ingrown toenail. Wash your feet daily with clean water and avoid walking in public spaces without footwear.

Seek Regular Checkup

Individuals having poor blood circulation on their feet are at a greater risk of developing ingrown toenails. In most cases, poor circulation occurs when individuals have diabetes or underlying heart complications. You may not know if you have these complications without regular screening. Therefore, it is a good idea to visit your doctor more often to check your overall health.

Maintaining the health of your toe is crucial in keeping the feet’ problems at bay. The above tips will help you keep your toe healthy. However, despite all your effort, if you still suffer problems such as ingrown toenails, you should not worry. Kunal Amin, DPM of Cypress Foot & Ankle Center, offers cut-edging treatment options to patients with ingrown toenails, thus reclaiming the quality of their lives. Make an online booking or call their office to get started today.

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