Getting older is not easy. As the years and decades go by, it is important to think about what actions we can take to ensure a good quality of life when we no longer have the physical capacity to work. Some people associate the quality of life in advanced ages simply with having a house, following a healthy diet based on organic food, traveling the world, having a loving family, and having some money for what is necessary. However, getting older with an optimal quality of life requires more planning. That is why today we want to talk to you about the recommended age to start thinking about retirement and the actions you should take in advance to ensure your stability in old age.

Some considerations that you should take into account long before retiring

 A very important aspect that you should take into account even before thinking about retiring is ensuring your health. For this, it is necessary that you look for insurance that protects you in case of accidents and that includes a wide variety of medical services. A good option to guarantee medical care for you and your family is Foyer Global Health Insurance. We invite you to learn more about Foyer Global Health Insurance and the services it offers.

What is the best age to start thinking about retirement?

In most workplaces, the retirement age is 65. However, if you have a personal pension, you can select your retirement age and open your pension pot. Whether you want to retire at 65 or a different age, it is important to check your retirement options and think about what is best for you. It is recommended that 2 years before you want to stop working you evaluate your retirement options and plan your future.

Before you retire, pay all your debts

It is always advisable to pay off all your debts before you retire. One way to tackle your debt problem might be to add up all the amounts you owe (personal loans, mortgages, credit card debt) and check the interest rate associated with each of your debts. If you think you have money to spare, pay the debts with the highest interest rate first.

Consider getting financial advice

Many people spend years saving money for their old age. Some do it by keeping cash at home and others in bank accounts. Very few people invest their money long-term, even though this is maybe the best way to grow their money. Many times people save or invest their money in the wrong way due to a lack of financial education. This is why it is advisable to hire a financial advisor to help you evaluate the best ways to save and ensure your long-term financial security.

Evaluate alternatives to increase your pension

It happens to some people that when their retirement date arrives, the amount of their pension pot is not enough to be able to live their old age peacefully. Two ways to boost your pension are to pay more into it and put back the date at which you start taking money from it.

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