The best way to prepare for medical school interviews is to practice with someone and do mock interviews. This means you might be able to start classes at a time other than the traditional start dates of American schools. Getting master’s degree in fields such as pharmacology, nutrition, dietetics, optometry or occupational therapy can help you secure good jobs in this field.

Newer, lesser known schools that do not require the MCAT should be avoided at all costs. These schools are a viable option and alternative to American medical schools. It can’t be denied that medical education in US is very expensive and almost all students have to opt for educational loans, partly or fully, to fund their studies.

The annual salary may get raised to about $300,000, based on the experience and expertise. Even with the best scores getting into medical school can sometimes be impossible. With healthcare industry projected to grow tremendously in the coming years, a career as phlebotomy technicians can be financially rewarding.

Even though the basic educational qualification to enlist in the army is a high school diploma, you can still apply for a job in the army if you have a bachelor’s degree. If that is the case, there is a very little chance that you will get into an US medical school, but may get acceptance to a Caribbean medical school.

Medical students must start early, because they have to invest at least ten years in education and training. One of the best ways of helping to decide between medical schools is to decide where in the United States you are going to be okay with living for the next several years of your life.

By otto