Cannabigerol (CBG) is a cannabinoid that is usually found in low concentrations when compared to other well-known cannabinoids like THC or CBD. However, despite the lack of popularity within the cannabis industry, CBG gummies  has actually shown to have some very interesting benefits with its medicinal uses.

From antibacterial properties to anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor uses, CBG has shown to be a very versatile and powerful cannabinoid.

As one of the most prevalent cannabinoids in most strains of cannabis, it is definitely a good idea to start with CBG as a base cannabinoid when looking at medicinal benefits.

What Are The Medicinal Benefits of CBG?

          CBG has been known for quite some time now as an effective antibacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment. Meaning that it kills bacteria and reduces inflammation by attaching to the endocannabinoid receptors in your body (1).  It also has been shown to be very promising for those who suffer from acne (2) and psoriasis (3). Another study showed that this cannabinoid is great for those suffering from cancer as it can increase apoptosis which will decrease tumor size (4), slow down tumor growth (5), and help with other symptoms cancer causes like nausea, loss of appetite, pain, depression, and insomnia (6).

Well that’s great but how can I use it?

The problem is that CBG usually only makes up around 1-2% of most marijuana plants. There are several ways to try and acquire some within your cannabis product. The first way is by applying heat to your flower which will convert the CBG cannabinoid into THC. This method would be very impractical for patients looking at medicinal benefits as you would need a lot of marijuana to get an okay amount of the CBG cannabinoid. Instead, turning to cannabis oil extracts or using hemp products would provide more than enough cannabinoids for medication without losing any value in potency (7).

Lastly, there are some strains that have been bred to contain higher levels of CBG than your average cannabis plant. Two of these strains are the ACDC strain which is high in CBD and CBG (8), and Durban Poison which has one of the highest amounts of this cannabinoid at around 1-2% (9). Keep in mind, however, that you would need even more marijuana to use these products for medicinal purposes so it may be best for you to just purchase hemp extracts or oils if you want the maximum amount of CBG with minimum effort.

If the medicinal benefits of CBG are that great, then why hasn’t it been used by patients more frequently?

The problem with CBG is that its structure allows for very little binding to cannabinoid receptors. This makes it much less effective compared to cannabinoids like THC or CBD because they bind so well and will have a stronger impact on your body (10).  There are some cases where CBG has shown promising results but there needs to be further testing done to confirm its effectiveness before declaring it as a medical miracle just yet.

Though this cannabinoid shows little promise in terms of recreational use, there are still many people who could benefit greatly from its potential medicinal properties. And who knows, perhaps soon enough researchers will discover how and why CBG produces these medicinal benefits and make it even more effective as a treatment.

By otto