Caribbean medical schools have long been the butt of jokes but their graduates are the ones having the last laugh. In most cases, medical schools require a minimum of B in all the major prerequisite courses before any consideration is given to students that are applying. Additionally, people in the field of medicine must have strong leadership, communication and social skills.

Medical schools look for candidates who have integrity, leadership experience, motivation, curiosity, imagination, personality, volunteer experience, and commitment. But it is essential to score brilliant marks in these subjects in high school and also in the medical entrance test, because admission to top medical colleges is highly coveted.medical school

One of the first things that you will need to take into consideration is just what field of medicine it is you are interested in training in. As you will soon discover that most universities today will specialize in particular aspects of medicine. While US schools have one deadline for admission, the Caribbean schools usually offer three application periods in a year.

The educational programs and training period for this profession is quite lengthy and it takes around 12 years starting from the undergraduate degree course up to the completion of the training period, in order to become an ophthalmologist. Pediatricians are among those people who safeguard our nation’s future by taking care of the overall health of young children.

The field of neurology has ample of career opportunities available for eligible candidates. An aspiring student has to also give an MCAT (Medical Admission Test) for selection at the medical school (which should be chosen after careful research and after considering other key factors).

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