It can be easy to confuse cosmetic jars for the actual product inside. A jar is a small container, and in the old days was called a ‘concealer’. An example would be a make-up jar from the 1920’s or 1930’s. In these days, they are sometimes referred to as ‘spot reducers’. The actual make-up product was the important thing here, not the jar. Things have changed nowadays. Cosmetic jars are used for make-up nowadays. In this article we’ll tell you all you need to know about it.

Cosmetic jars and make-up

Some cosmetic jars are filled with cream, gel or powder. The majority are filled with a clear, tinted or colored liquid. The liquid is also called the ‘facewash’. Some people use a facial-lotion, but that is really the same concept. So you can find jars with oil or cream in them or only spot-reduce with spots or only with mousse. All of these products can be used, but they also have different names, so you might have to look up those terms to find out what they mean.

Fair complexion

Do you have a fair complexion? Then you probably will be most interested in fair colors, because they will appear lighter. Another factor is that pale skin is cooler, and they will want a highlighter, in a cool or off-white, peach, or bronze. People with pink, brown, or red skin will want a blusher in these colors, and people with yellow skin will want a blusher in a neutral color, to appear natural, and avoid looking yellow. If they have a tan, they will want something bright, and a blusher in a neutral color will also be a relief.

Skin color

You also need to look at the skin color. If the skin is light, pale, or fair, you need to select the right color. As a general rule, if the skin color is light, the blusher should be light. A light bronzer on the cheeks will make the face look fresh and healthy.

Conclusion: how to choose the right color for the right occasion?

So you see, it is a simple task to choose the right color for the right occasion in your cosmetic jars. Of course, you have to take into account your own color, the color you want on your wedding day, as well as your personal undertone, before deciding on the color. You may need to experiment a bit to find the right color, but once you have decided on the right color, the rest of the process is a lot easier.

By otto