Did you know you can achieve a beautiful body without going through an incision? So, if you want to eliminate that stubborn fat around your abdomen, you can also schedule a non-surgical procedure. Heights Aesthetic Laser Center offers a non-invasive procedure known as Emsculpt, which aims to build muscle, tone your body, and give you a defined and beautiful look. Emsculpt uses electromagnetic energy to contract your muscles while building them to improve their tone and strength. Here is all you want to know about this procedure.

Who Fits An Emsculpt Procedure?

Only some people can make good candidates for the Emsculpt procedure. You are a good candidate if you are thin and relatively fit but looking for an extra abdomen definition and a lift in your buttocks. Your doctor will recommend it more if you are active and have no generalized body fat. You can talk to your doctor about this procedure if you want more muscle tone and definition. Having a metal or electronic implant anywhere in your body may interfere with your suitability for this procedure. Therefore, consult with your doctor if you have such devices in your body before treatment.

How Does The Procedure Work?

The procedure uses electromagnetic energy to contract muscles in your treatment area. The muscle contractions are similar to your natural muscle contraction but with stronger contractions than your body can manage. As a result, your body will have to force itself to adapt to extreme conditions and respond by remodeling its structure, burning fat, and building muscle.

Does Treatment With Emsculpt Take Long?

A single Emsculpt session may take up to 30 minutes if your doctor addresses only one part of your body. However, if you require treatment in more than one body part, you will require up to an hour of treatment. Your doctor will recommend up to four treatment sessions within two weeks, spaced three days apart.

What Results Should You Expect After Your Treatment?

After treatment, you can wait to see a more defined and toned body sculpture. You will have increased muscle growth and reduced fat in the treatment area immediately after treatment. However, you will wait up to one month after your last treatment session to see positive results, which will continue to improve in the following weeks. Your body will likely feel like you have been working out intensely for the past few days.

How Long Will Your Emsculpt Results Last?

While you will question how long results can last, it depends on your active lifestyle. Your doctor will recommend maintaining the results of your new body with regular exercise. You can also schedule another treatment session to maintain the results. There is no downtime for treatment so you can resume regular activities immediately.

Emsculpt continues to increase fame by creating impressive and toned muscles and burning fat in an intense contraction session. Your doctor will consider you a candidate if you are physically fit but need to eliminate stubborn fat around your abdomen. After the results, you can schedule another treatment session or maintain regular physical activity. Also, the treatment does not address weight loss, so you need to be physically active to undergo the procedure. Emsculpt will deliver superior results compared to other body-shaping procedures you may consider.

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