Electronic cigarettes are now in the hands of so many children. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is focused on keeping the youth away from this type of products. What about e-cigarette merchants? Where can you get a reliable and secure electronic cigarette merchant account? This article is here to help you find the right processor and know more about the plan.

E-Cig Businesses: Electronic Cigarette Merchant Account

Based on recent study results (February 2019), almost 4.9 million middle and high school students were using this or that type of tobacco product in 2018. That number was 3.6 million in 2017. Such growth is caused by extensive use of electronic cigarettes.

According to National Institutes of Health, during 2017-2018, the use of electronic cigarettes reportedly grew from 6.6{5a99c5ed98d719ed5eb1944c3d84cafb717b38cfdb11b307fdc76666b8a44150} to 10.4{5a99c5ed98d719ed5eb1944c3d84cafb717b38cfdb11b307fdc76666b8a44150} among 8th-grade students; 13.1{5a99c5ed98d719ed5eb1944c3d84cafb717b38cfdb11b307fdc76666b8a44150} to 21.7{5a99c5ed98d719ed5eb1944c3d84cafb717b38cfdb11b307fdc76666b8a44150} among 10th-grade students; and 16.6{5a99c5ed98d719ed5eb1944c3d84cafb717b38cfdb11b307fdc76666b8a44150} to 26.7{5a99c5ed98d719ed5eb1944c3d84cafb717b38cfdb11b307fdc76666b8a44150} among 12th-grade students.

On March 4, the FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb highlighted new efforts developed for retailers and manufacturers with the purpose of banning electronic cigarettes from being marketed to kids. Now, things may get better for tobacco companies since Gottlieb is leaving his post as Food and Drug Administration commissioner.

What do all these changes mean for e-cig merchants? Well, first of all, you should take into account all the developments in the field so to build the right strategy for your business growth.

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FDA’s Tobacco Prevention Plan

The FDA’s tobacco prevention plans are developed both for merchants and manufacturers and intend to make electronic cigarettes inaccessible to kids. Specifically, the agency has contacted the corporate management of Walgreen Co. to discuss the issue on whether they’ve violated the FDA’s law by illegally marketing tobacco products to young people.

Also, the agency has contacted more than 40 companies to find out whether over 50 products, such as some flavored e-cigs, are being illegally sold or violate the agency’s current compliance policy.

Besides, the FDA is also working on ensuring retailers are aware of what responsibilities they have under the law and what they should expect in case they violate the law. Moreover, the agency is also looking for extra enforcement avenues to find all the violative sales and marketing practices.

According to Dr. Scott Gottlieb, almost all people start using tobacco during adolescence, so it’s critical to ban the use as early as possible. This can be realized by ensuring kids aren’t using tobacco, or that tobacco isn’t being marketed to or sold to kids.

The supporters of the efforts are sure that everybody shares the important responsibility of keeping kids away from harmful and addictive tobacco products. Now that Gottlieb is leaving his post at the FDA, everyone in the tobacco space is interested in how all of Gottlieb’s initiatives will be pursued by his successor.

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