If you’re fortunate this vacation season, you might be given a brand-new cellphone, pill, or gadget equipped with the short-range wireless standard we’ve dealt with for many years. Though it has improved significantly since its introduction in 1998, it nonetheless has plenty of room to develop. Reuters has a live stream as proceedings are set to resume in the Bahamas over extraditing the ex-CEO of the failed crypto exchange to the US. Twitter has gotten just a bit chaotic these days, and several of us right here at The Verge are exploring the options.

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Swimming in schools makes fish surprisingly stealthy underwater, with a gaggle capable of sound like a single fish. Engineers working with a high-tech simulation of schooling mackerel offer new perception into why fish swim in colleges and promise for the … A series of entire genome and gene duplication occasions that return hundreds of hundreds of thousands of years have laid the foundations for tissue-specific gene expression, in accordance with a new study.

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