In most instances, there is a higher number of women than men going for regular checkups. Since some conditions could have been addressed if they had visited the facility early, most men suffer from serious conditions that could have been avoided. Since these conditions are difficult to treat at the late stage, they have prompted them to start embracing men’s health New York. This treatment helps to restore the men’s optimal health, boosting their performance. The following are the common men’s health issues that you should watch out for.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of the common conditions affecting men. This is a situation where men cannot keep an erection firm during sex. This condition is common among men that are older than 75. Furthermore, it can be caused by diabetes, smoking, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease. The erectile dysfunctions can be reversed through medications, quitting drinking alcohol, and smoking. You can also manage it by eating healthy and maintaining regular exercise.

Low Testosterone

This has been another condition affecting men. This is a situation where the men’s testicles fail to produce enough testosterone. In most instances, the testosterone levels start to reduce after the man reaches thirty years. The man could start having trouble concentrating and have a low sex drive. One of the possible causes is injuries that affect the testicles, hypothalamus, or pituitary gland. The person can boost testosterone levels through testosterone replacement therapy. Furthermore, you can increase it through exercise, sleeping well, and avoiding alcohol and smoking.

Prostate Cancer

This condition only affects men since women do not have prostate glands which are small glands located behind the individual’s penis. The prostrate is a critical organ since it produces fluids essential for semen released during sex. This condition is common among older men; since they get older, their prostate starts getting enlarged. Prostate cancer has been the leading cancer death among men. Even though it has caused many deaths, this condition can be managed if traced early.

HPV and Other STIs

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections. Even though this infection can resolve independently, there are other instances where it can cause genital warts or penile cancer. A person can use HPV vaccines to prevent infection even though they could impact the person aged 26. The person can also use condoms to treat HPV and other STIs.


Even though obesity affects both men and women, it has different impacts. For instance, obesity reduces testosterone levels in men and increases female hormones. The obsessed men will start to have a low sex drive compared to their female counterparts. Obesity can be managed by maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise. You should visit the specialist to customize the right diet and workouts and diet for you.

Every individual is likely to suffer from health conditions; some affect men more than their female counterparts. Most of these conditions could be managed if they are detected at early stages. However, since most men avoid going for treatments, the conditions are detected late, making them hard to treat. You should avoid following this trend by regularly visiting the specialist.

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