Car accidents still happen despite technological advances, including forward collision systems, backup cameras, and adaptive headlights. Whether minor or severe, auto accidents can drastically change one’s life – from pain and suffering to loss of wages or permanent disabilities. Fortunately, your trusted auto accident clinic Richfield at Physicians Group, LLC is ready to walk with you to full recovery after you have sustained injuries from a car accident.

Traffic accidents are common, but you should familiarize yourself with the facts, including what causes them. Below are common causes of auto accidents.


Keeping up with traffic, running to work, or unintentionally driving over the speed limit are top causes of fatal accidents due to overspeeding. While it is a natural psyche of humans to excel, it is best to understand that when using the road, you’ll remain ahead or behind other vehicles. Driving beyond the speed limit increases the risk of accidents and the severity of injury caused by accidents. At high speed, a car needs a greater distance before it breaks and skids a long distance due to the law of motion. On the other hand, a slower vehicle can halt immediately and won’t cause a great impact during a crash. Diving faster also reduces a driver’s ability to judge forthcoming events.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving, whether inside or outside the vehicle, is one of the top causes of car accidents. Contrary to popular opinion, the brain cannot focus on more than one task. Texting or talking on a mobile phone while driving occupies a major portion of the brain, leaving the smaller part to handle driving skills. That means the driver is switching between tasks, paying less attention to the most important one who is driving and is unable to focus on what’s ahead. For this reason, it is best to avoid attending to phone calls while driving. If the call is urgent, pull out on the roadside and attend to the call.

Drunk driving

Alcohol consumption to celebrate a special event is a common nut when combined with driving; it turns a celebration into a misfortune. Your concentration reduces when you are under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol also decreases the reaction time of the human body since the limbs take more time to react to the brain’s instructions. It also dampens fear and incites humans to take risks. All these factors combined majorly cause fatal accidents. Besides alcohol, medicines and other substances can affect the skills and concentration necessary for driving. If you need to consume alcohol, ensure you have a sober friend to drop you home.

Red light jumping

It is common for many accidents to occur at road intersections, with the cause being running a red light or a stop sign. Stopping at the red light signal is not a waste of time and fuel; this is a common misconception. When you jump a red light, you jeopardize your life and the safety of other road users. Also, one driver incites other drivers to follow suit, causing chaos at the crossing. The chaos at the intersection is also a common cause of traffic jams, which eventually causes everyone to get late to their destinations.

Do not let auto accident injuries keep you from being productive. Request an appointment with your doctor at Physicians Group, LLC, for treatment to improve your quality of life.

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