If you regularly visit your family physician, you may not feel the need to see a physical therapist as well. But there are many times when it’s worthwhile to make an appointment. Here are a few instances when you may want to give your PT office a call. 

When You Have Muscular Injuries

If you have incurred an injury at work, at the gym or just through your day-to-day activities, a trip to the physical therapist might be a good way to supplement a trip to your general physician. Physical therapists specialize in treating musculoskeletal issues, so the exercises they prescribe can help relieve muscular pain and help you get back to a healthy place. 

When You’re Experiencing Immobility Issues

Even if your muscles are not injured, they can still become tight and sore from strenuous daily activity or simply holding the same position at your desk all day. If you are finding it difficult to complete basic movements or experience pain regularly in your arms, legs, neck or back, it may be worthwhile to book an appointment with your physical therapist. If you do not have a PT, doing a quick Google search like “physical therapy valrico fl” can help you find one.

For Preventative Care

Though it may seem superfluous, booking regular appointments with your physical therapist can help prevent future injuries. By going through therapeutic exercises on a consistent basis, your flexibility, range of motion, joint mobility and muscle strength can all stay in good shape. When you take measures to keep your body healthy and fit, you can reduce the likelihood of getting hurt later on. 

Physical therapy can be a helpful tool. Whether you are experiencing pain or have been injured recently, or whether you simply want to take preventative measures to maintain your good health, visiting a physical therapist can help. 

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