Dental crowns and bridges provide a convenient way to replace a missing tooth. Dental crowns are caps customized to your tooth’s shape to strengthen and protect your vulnerable teeth. On the other hand, dental bridges are a set of prosthetic teeth that fills a gap left by missing teeth. If you have damaged or missing teeth, koreatown dental crowns and bridges can aesthetically and effectively restore them. But with many teeth restoration procedures,  here is a look at why you should consider getting dental crowns and bridges.

Restoration of Tooth Structure

A dental crown protects and restores a threatened tooth. Teeth that become weak after a root canal procedure also require to be protected with dental crowns.

A dental bridge also helps to restore your tooth functionality. It enables you to eat and chew normally as it fills the gap left by a missing tooth. A dental bridge also helps in enhancing your speech, making it understandable and clear.

Esthetics Enhancement

A dental crown comes with an aesthetic advantage. They help in restoring the natural shape of your teeth. The color of the crowns, especially those made of ceramic, can be matched with your adjacent teeth for a good-looking appearance. This will help to restore your natural smile and make it even brighter.

A dental bridge will also enhance the aesthetics of your teeth significantly. Other than replacing your lost teeth, it restores your gorgeous smile. 


Dental crowns are long-lasting compared to other dental restorations. This is because the materials used to make the dental crowns are stronger and high quality.

Dental bridges are also as durable as dental crowns. Other than being highly durable, dental crowns and bridges are very cost-effective.

Pain Relief

When your teeth break incompletely, they become painful and sore. Teeth bleeding is also common due to an injury, accident, or the teeth falling off. Crowns and bridges help relieve the pain and sensitivity caused by losing teeth.

Stronger Teeth

Dental crowns effectively protect damaged teeth that have become fragile. They offer a protective coat to your teeth. Dental bridges also prevent potential tooth loss by holding the adjacent teeth together. They also reinforce your jawbone by offering regular stimulation like a normal tooth making it stronger. Generally, dental bridges and crowns help to maintain the teeth stably in place.

Enhanced Oral Health

Damaged and broken teeth make it difficult to care for your teeth properly and maintain your oral hygiene. They might bleed when you floss or brush them. Also, a missing tooth equally hurts and might cause the gums to become tender and swollen. Installing dental crowns and bridges helps eliminate all these cases and helps you maintain better oral health.

Promotes Self Esteem and Confidence

Dental crowns and bridges are effective in healing teeth and restoring their structure. The appearance naturally improves, which positively influences your confidence. As stated earlier, dental crowns can be customized to the original color of your teeth. After the procedure, you will begin to feel good about yourself. You will smile more freely and confidently.

Ultimately, we hope you understand the benefits of dental crowns and bridges. They effectively fill in the gap of missing teeth, protect vulnerable teeth, and restore a healthy and bright smile. Therefore, if you have a damaged or missing tooth, you should consult your dentist about installing dental crowns and bridges.

By otto