Imagine how frustrating it is to lose multiple teeth and have no reliable dentist to contact. Typically, teeth loss not only affects your self-esteem but also impacts your daily activities like eating, smiling, and talking. Whether you’ve lost your teeth due to illnesses, trauma, or extraction, missing teeth can take a toll on your life. However, the good news is that the Brooklyn All-On-4 specialist can help you overcome your condition and maintain your oral health.

All-on-4 dental implants are safe and effective options with a higher success rate. They use fixed dental arches with four implant posts to help support your teeth. If you’ve been considering this procedure, read on to understand the essential factors to consider before making your decision.

1.     Comprehend the procedure

Before making an informed decision, you should understand every detail concerning the all-on-four procedure. First, you must undergo an extraction procedure if you have damaged or decayed teeth. Usually, all-on-four implants incorporate anesthesia to make your treatment comfortable. This procedure is minimally invasive and can be completed within a few hours. Furthermore, each treatment plan is customized according to your unique dental needs.

2.     Your dental health

Although all-on-four implants are best suited to replace multiple missing teeth, you should consider your oral and dental health for this procedure’s success. Before this procedure, you should ensure that your oral health is stable and that you practice good oral hygiene. This will help prevent implant failure and other dental health issues like cavities and gingivitis. Also, to get quick and better results after your all-on-4 dental implants, your specialist may recommend you stop smoking before and after your treatment. To avoid suffering other dental issues that occur when you have multiple missing teeth, you should visit an all-on-four specialist sooner.

3.     Your age and facial structure

Typically, all-on-four implant options aren’t suitable for patients below 18 years. Moreover, anyone beyond this age can benefit from this procedure. Also, it would help if you comprehended that after your all-on-four implant treatment, your facial appearance would change, especially if you’ve lost all your teeth. Because bone loss occurs from missing teeth, your sunken and saggy face will improve after the all-on-four implant procedure.

4.     Understand the benefits and the risks associated

All-on-four dental implants carry many benefits that constantly outweigh the risks. If you follow your dental care guidelines correctly, this procedure can serve your needs for decades and significantly boost your self-confidence. Besides replacing missing teeth, an all-on-four implant procedure helps preserve your jawbone, protects gum tissues, and prevents premature aging and facial sagging. On the other hand, the risks associated are minimal, including sinus damage, improper placement, nerve damage, or infections. However, you should expect little to no side effects when done properly.

5.     Find the right dentist

Choosing the right dentist is the best way to guarantee that you will reap the tremendous benefits of all-on-four implants. Usually, not all dentists are certified and have the expertise to conduct this procedure, meaning you should research to identify the best dentist.

The ideal reason why all-on-four implants are growing in popularity with time is because of their positive outcomes and long-lasting options. While you should prepare before your procedure, committing to after-treatment care is important. This will ensure you enjoy better results in the long run. Don’t allow missing teeth to affect your way of life while your all-on-four specialist is just a call away!

By otto